Is there anything I can do to make my passwords more secure?

Here are a few tips on selecting strong passwords and keeping them secure.

  • Keep them private
  • Do no write them down
  • Do not use the same password for multiple accounts
  • Follow these guidelines to create strong passwords
    • Use a minimum of 8 characters with a combination of:
      • Numbers
      • Special Characters (- ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ){ } [ ] | + \ -< > ? /)
      • Upper and lower case letters
      • Alternate Alpha characters (see table below)

  • Passwords should not consist of:
    • A dictionary word in any language, proper noun, name of person / child, pet or fictional character
    • A social security number, serial number, birth date, telephone number, or any information that could be easily obtained or guessed about the creator of the password
  • Examples (DO NOT use these):
    • “Mix it up!” becomes “M1x1tUp!”
    • “How are you?” becomes “hOwRY3w?”
    • “Bad dog!” becomes “b@d#d0g!”
    • “Too Late Again” becomes “2L8@gA1n”

If you would like assistance with implementing these password security suggestions or to talk about other ways you can increase your cybersecurity, please contact us.