How can I make sure I’m browsing the internet safely?

Here are a few tips from deNuvem on how to stay safe on the Internet 

  • Ensure your web browser is kept up-to-date
  • Install Antivirus software that offers web browser protection (for Windows 10 PCs we like the built in Windows Defender)
  • Ensure all downloads are scanned by your Antivirus software
  • Know what you are downloading from the Internet
  •  Ensure your computer’s firewall is turned on
  • Clear your browser history frequently
  • Set security and privacy settings to Medium High or above
    • This blocks websites from saving information that can be used to contact you without your explicit permission
  • Turn on Pop-Up Blocker
  • Limit or disable plugins
  • Limit ActiveX
  • Limit Java and JavaScript
  • Be mindful of the websites you are visiting
  • Don’t install things you didn’t plan to install
    • If you find yourself about to click “OK”, “Yes”, “Next”, “Install” or “Accept Defaults” on something that you didn’t expect to have to do in order to do what you were intending, stop and back out until you know what it’s doing. This is generally how you end up with spyware and adware.