I’m not sure if moving my files onto SharePoint Online will be worth the effort involved. What will my team gain from this transition?

While moving to and getting to know a new piece of technology can be a daunting task, here are some of the benefits you’ll immediately be able to take advantage when you move your files to SharePoint Online. 

    • Set permissions on individual document or on folders. You no longer have to worry about where to place sensitive materials not everyone on your team needs access to.
    • Utilize automatic versioning controls on documents so that you never have to manually save versions.  You are able to go back and look at a history of changes at any point, and even restore previous versions if need be.
    • Use co-authoring to allow multiple people to update the same document at once without overwriting each others changes.
    • Set up alerts on files so you can be automatically notified when anything is added or updated under the conditions you select. 
    • Initiate easy to use workflows to remove manual processes such as routing documents for review. 
    • Sync your files locally so you can access and edit them even when you’re not online.
    • No longer worry about files only stored on your computer or having to do back ups yourself.

SharePoint Online also has a lot of great functionality beyond helping you with your files.  Here are just a few of those features. 

    • Share your best practices and SOPs with other team members through easy to update knowledge bases.  
    • Utilize extensive search functionality for all site content that provides thorough and useful results.
    • Increase involvement between geographically separated team members through discussion boards. 
    • Quickly post important announcements to your team members and indicate how long they should appear to save you from having to send e-mails followed up by one or more reminders.
    • Share information with clients, partners, or other critical business contacts outside your team with an extranet.