Getting Started

Office 365 is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are multiple plans available to fit different company sizes and needs.  deNuvem usually begins their work with clients by helping them determine what Office 365 features and benefits align with their business and selecting the appropriate plan.

From walking through the process to purchase their licenses to ensuring their users are properly set up in the new system, we make sure the stage is set for clients to begin taking advantage of all the great Office 365 functionality right away.

For those that choose a plan including Office 365 ProPlus, that usually means setting up their new Office software on all their computers and other devices.  Whether they have never had Office before on their Mac or are upgrading their PC from an older version of Office, deNuvem makes the transition a smooth one.  We also provide training sessions on using the software and getting the most out of its new features.

If the team plans to utilize Skype for Business for their instant messaging or online meetings, we ensure the correct software is on their computers and mobile devices.  We complete the set up by adding the DNS records necessary for Skype for Business to their domain.

To schedule an initial call with us, simply fill out our Contact Us form.  And if you are also interested in migrating your email to Office 365 or storing your files in the cloud we can help there too!